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Doctors of Sciences

Salmanov Famin Tahir oglu

Salmanov Famin

Place of birth: Azerbaijan, Astara region, Shiyekaran village

Date of birth: 12.02.1979

Education: Baku State University

Scientific degree: Doctor of Physical Sciences

Title: Associate professor

Topic of PhD thesis:
- specialty code: 2225.01
- specialty name: Radiation materials science
- topic name: Effects of γ-rays on electrical and dielectric properties of TlInS2(V) compounds

Topic of doctoral thesis:
- specialty code: 2225.01
- specialty name: Radiation materials science
- topic name: Effects of gamma rays on electrical, dielectric and optical properties of solid solutions of TlGa1-xInxSe2(1-x)S2x and TlGa1-xInxSe2

Total number of printed scientific publications: 138
- number of scientific publications printed abroad: 57
- number of papers published in journals indexed and abstracted in international databases: 21

Staff training:
- number of PhD: 1

Basic scientific achievements:
      The presence of phase transitions was revealed and thoroughly investigated by studies of lattice temperature instability of A3B6 and A3B3C62 typed compounds. It was determined for the first time that phase transitions are observed with extremely structured "incommensurate" temperature regions. This also provides an opportunity to obtain complete and detailed information from the characteristics of the studied lattice dynamics. The mechanisms of the properties of the effects of gamma rays on the dielectric, optical and impedance spectra of solid solutions of TlGa1-xInxSe2(1-x)S2x and TlGa1-xInxSe2 have been determined in a wide frequency and temperature range.
      The novelty of the research work is based on the characteristics of the hopping conductivity of solid solutions irradiated with modern research methods, current density and the Paul-Frenkel effect, characteristics of superion conductivity, impedance and optical spectra, scanning of the surface with an Atomic Force microscope. The characteristics observed in the temperature dependence of the electrical conductivity of samples of solid solution at temperatures above room temperature are related to the transition of the crystal to the superionic state in solid solutions irradiated for the first time, the dependence of the width of the straight and diagonal forbidden band on the concentration was determined from the reflection and emission spectra in the spectral range of 400-1100 nm at room temperature, as a result of the study with the Atomic Force Microscope method, the effect of radiation increases the degree of saturation of nanoscale clusters, the possibility of dissociation of molecules increases and causes the formation of critical cores. The practical significance of the research is that the obtained results can be used as suitable materials and photochromic crystals for memory elements and converters, microbatteries, supercapacitors, ionistors and gamma detectors.

Names of scientific works:
1. Relaxor properties and conductivity mechanism of γ-radiated TlInS2 crystals. FTT, Solid State Physics (Physica Tverdovo Tela), 2005, v.47, N.9, p.1665-1669.
2. “Specific Features of Conductivity of γ-Irradiated TlGaTe2 Crystals with Nanochain Structure” Semiconductors 44, 485 (2010).
3. Гигантская диэлектрическая релаксация в кристаллах TlGaTe2. Физика твердого тела. 2011, том. 53, вып. 8, с. 1488-1492.
4. Superionic Conductivity in One-Dimensional Nanofibrous TlGaTe2 Crystals. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 50 (2011), 05FC09-1 – 2.
5. Суперионная проводимость, эффекты переключения и памяти в кристаллах TlInSe2 и lInTe2.Физика и техника полупроводников. 2011, том 45, вып. 11, с. 1441-1445.
6. Суперионная проводимость в кристаллах TlGaTe2. Физика и техника полупроводников. 2011, том 45, вып. 8, с. 1009-1013.
7. “Ionic conductivity and dielectric relaxation in γ-irradiated TlGaTe2 crystals”. FTP, (Physica i Technica Poluprovodnicov), Semiconductors 47, No.5, 696-701 (2013).
8..Conductivity over localized states of the system of (TlInSe2)1-x(TlGaTe2)x solid solutions, Semiconductors 49 (12), 1655-1660
9. On the polarization caused by bulk charges and the ionic conductivity in TlInSe2 crystals, March 2014, Semiconductors 48(4)
10. Phase Transition in TlS, TlSe and TlInS2 Crystals Caused by Nanoscale Defects, August 2017 DOI10.11159/tann17.116 Conference: International Conference of Theoretical and Applied Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
11. Phase Transition in TlS, TlSe and TlInS2 Crystals Caused by Nanoscale Defects, January 2018, DOI10.11159/ijtan.2018.002
12. Тип оптических переходов на краю фундаментального поглощения кристаллов TlGaSe2 и TlInS2, подвергнутых γ-облучению. Оптика спектроскопия Т127 в3, DOI: 10.1134/S0030400X19090224
13. Impedance Spectroscopy Of (TlGaSe2)1-x(TlInSe2)x Solid Solutions In Radio Frequency Range. Modern physics letters b, Vol. 34, No. 11, 2050113 (2020)
14. Импедансные характеристики γ-облученных твердых растворов (TlGaSe2)1-x(TlInS2)х в радиочастотном диапазоне Физика и техника полупроводников, 2020.т54 в6 DOI: 10.21883/FTP.2020.06.49376.9172

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations:
Member of the editorial board of the "Young Researcher" journal

Pedagogical activity:
National Aviation Academy - master's degree
Institute of Radiation Problems-master's degree

Other activities:
Deputy chairman of the territorial organization of IRP NAP

Awards and prizes:
Award of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of AR "Youth Award" laureate (2012)
Honorary decree of Yasamal District Executive Power - 2016

Main place of work and its address:
Institute of Radiation Problems of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, AZ1143, B.Vakhabzadeh str., 9, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic

Position: Leading Researcher

Office phone: (+994 12) 5393391
Mobile: (+994 70) 2083033