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Doctors of Sciences

Elimkhan Suleyman Jafarov

Elmxan Süleyman oğlu CəfərovPlace of Birth: Kalinino, Armenia

Date of Birth: 09.04.1955

Education: Azerbaijan State University (Baku), degree in physicist, Institute of Chemical Physics, USSR Academy of Sciences (Moscow), post-graduate student

Scientific degree: Ph.D. of Chemical Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences

Speciality code and title for doctoral dissertation:
03.00.02 - Biophysics

Total number of scientific publications: 110, 2 monograph

Number of scientific publications printed abroad: 54

Number of patents and certificates of authorship: 1

Main scientific achievements:
- The main spatial structural parameters (accessible surface area of molecule, coefficient of surface roughness and coefficient convolution of polypeptide chain) of molecule human serum albumin (HAS) were determined by the tritium labeling method. It was shown that the space structure of HAS is formed from alternated compact and lose packed regions along the polypeptide chain.
- Has studied distribution properties of radionuclides, polluting the area, in soil, their transfer to plants, developing in the area, and accumulation properties in different plant organs in one of the main radionuclide-contaminated regions of the Apsheron Peninsula.
- Member of the International Council on "Modern Problems of Radiobiology”

of candidates: 1 master, 3 post-graduate students and 3 candidates for a degree

Titles of main scientific publications:
1. Определение доступной поверхности молекул лизоцима и сывороточного альбумина человека методом тритиевой метки. Мол. биол., (Москва), 1985, т. 19, с. 1294-1300
2. Структура и конформационные особенности сывороточного альбумина. Баку, Изд-во «Элм», 1990, 240 с.
3. Зависящие от рН конформационные переходы сывороточного альбумина человека. Исследование методом тритиевой метки. Мол. биол., (Москва), 1991, т. 25, с.1412-1417
4. Исследование структуры сывороточного альбумина человека, свободного от жирных кислот, методом тритиевой метки. Мол. биол., (Москва), 1992, т. 26, с. 168-172
5. Study of interface between subunits of human serum albumin by tritium labeling method. Turkish J. of Biology, 2000, v. 24, п.345-351
6. Некоторые особенности распределения природных радионуклидов в разных органах растений, произрастающих в зоне повышенного радиационного фона. Радиационная биология и радиоэкология, Москва, 2007, том 47, №2, с.241-246
7. Влияние повышенного радиационного фона на территории Бакинского завода по производству йода на содержание фотосинтетических пигментов в листьях дикорастущих растений. Радиационная биология и радиоэкология (Москва), 2012 (в печати).
8. Radiasiya Biofizikasına giriş. Monoqrafiya. 2012, (çapdadır)

Educational activity:
2007-2011: Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, department of physics,
2008-till today: Sumqait State University, Department of Chemistry, ecology faculty

Awards: Honorary decrees of ANAS

Place of work and its address:
Institute of Radiation Problems of ANAS, 9,B.Vahabzade str., AZ1143 Azerbaijan Republic, Baku

Position: Head of laboratory

Office phone: (+994 12) 5102681
Home phone: (+994 12) 5450122
Mobile phone: (+994 50) 6344860