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Doctors of Sciences

Rauf Madat Sardarli

Rauf Mədət oğlu SərdarlıPlace of Birth: Baku, Azerbaijan Republic

Date of Birth: 08.01.1949

Education: Azerbaijan State University

Scientific degree: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Title: Professor

Speciality code and title for doctoral dissertation:
01.04.10-Semiconductors and dielectrics

Total number of scientific publications: 221, 2 monograph (Baku-2004, USA-2010

Number of scientific publications printed abroad: 95

Number of patents and certificates of authorship: 8

Main scientific achievements: 1. Construct the dynamics of crystalline lattice of chain crystals. He has found out the structural phase transition in layer chalkogenides of the third group and has investigated theirs lattice dynamics.
2. His investigations of influence radiation defects on the electro physical properties of high temperature super conductors.
3. New class of relaxor- ferroelectrics was revealed and studied. Possibility of quantum point existence was shown in these systems.
4. It has been defined the superion conductivity in TlGaTe2 və TlInSe2 crystals.

of candidates: 9
of doctors: 1

Titles of main five scientific publications:
1. Ferroelectricity and polytypism in TlGaSe2 crystals. Solid State Com, 1991, v.77, N.6, p.453.
2. The spontaneous relaxor-ferroelectric transition of TlInS2 with cationic impurities. Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials (JOAM), 2003, v.5, No.3, p.276.
3. Relaxor properties of TlInS2 composites with nanodomain state. Ferroelectrics, 2004, v.298, p.275.
4. Релаксорные свойства и механизм проводимости γ - облученных кристаллов TlInS2. ФТТ, 2005, т.47, вып. 9, c.1665.
5. Dielectric properties, conduction mechanism and possibility of nanodomain state with quantum dot formation in gamma-irradiated impurity-doped incommensurate TlInS2.Physica Status solidi (A} 2006, 203, No. 11, p.2845.
6. Conduction anisotropy of intercalated relaxor TlInS2 ferroelectrics. Russia/CIS/Baltik/Japan Symposium on Ferroelectricity RCBJSF-9, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2008. p.561.
7. Features of conductivity anisotropy of intercalated nanodimensional relaxor TlInS2. Journal ”Scientific Israel-Technological Advantages” Material engineering, 2009, v.11, no.1, c.99.
8. Особенности проводимости γ – облученных кристаллов TlGaTe2 с наноцепочечной структурой. ФТП, 2010, том 44, вып.5, 610.
9. Гигантская диэлектрическая релаксация в кристаллах TlGaTe2.ФТТ, 2011, т.53, вып. 8, c.1488.
10. Суперионная проводимость кристаллах В TlGaTe2 .ФТП, 2011, том 45, вып. 8, 1009.
11. Superionic conductivity in One-Dimensional Nanofibrous TlGaTe2 Crystals.
Japanese J.Appl.Physics.50 (2011) ,05FCO9-1
12. Суперионнaя проводимость, эффекты переключения и памяти в кристаллах TlInTe2 и TlInSe2. ФТП, 2011, том 45, вып.11, c.1441.

laureate of the Komsomol of Azerbaijan (Science and Technology)

Place of work and its address:
Institute of Radiation Problems of ANAS, AZ1143, 9, B.Vahabzade str., Baku , Azerbaijan Republic

Position: Head of Laboratory

Office phone: (+994 12) 5383224
Home phone: (+994 12) 4326934
Mobile phone: (+994 50) 3112911