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Journal of Radiation Researches

IRP Journal of Radiation Researches, 1, 1, 2014, p.1-4

Size effects in radiation-catalytic processes of water decomposition and perspectives of use of nanocatalysts in this field
A.A. Garibov

Radiation stability of bituminous oils and its tar fraction
I.I. Mustafayev, S.F. Aliyeva-Cicek, N.G. Guliyeva, R.S. Rzayev

Radiation-chemical transformation of synthetic oil from oil-bituminous rock
L.Y. Jabbarova, I.I. Mustafaev, Z.O. Nabizade, R.S. Rzayev, N.A. Ibadov

Influence of radiation and thermal annealing on electro-physical properties of Ge1-x Six films
R.S. Madatov, Sh.M. Abbasov, U.F. Faradjova

New alpha particle counter based on micro-pixel avalanche photodiode
F. Ahmadov, G. Ahmadov, N. Anfimov, A. Garibov, E. Guliyev, Z. Krumshtein, R. Madatov, A. Olshevski, A. Sadigov, Z. Sadygov, A. Titov

Superionic conductivity and specific effects induced by γ-radiation in nanofibrous A3B3C62 type crystals
R.M. Sardarly, O.A. Samedov, A.P. Abdullayev, R.Sh. Aqayeva, F.T. Salmanov, N.A. Aliyeva, A.A. Orujova

Nanostructured materials based on nano-ZrO2 in the nuclear-power engineering
A.A. Garibov, T.N. Agayev, G.T. Imanova

Influence of temperature and density of water vapor on the yield of molecular hydrogen in the presence of radium-silicate
A.A. Garibov, T.N. Agayev, Z.A. Mansimov, K.T. Eyyubov

Defect formation in borosilicates by a resistance method at γ-quantum irradiation
A.A. Garibov, S.Z. Melikova, Sh.S. Ismailov

Studying the role of disulfochloride benzine in unsaturated elastomers
S.M. Mammadov, S.A. Rzayeva, T.F. Gojayeva, A.A. Garibov, A.I. Azadaliyev, J.S. Mammadov, E.M. Aliyev, S.Z. Malikova

Comparative study of the radioprotective properties of extracts of calendula, chamomile and milfoil
E.N. Shamilov, A.S. Abdullayev, I.A. Rzayeva, Z.H. Muslumova, I.V. Azizov

Study of radiation degradation of phenol in aqueous solution by UV spectroscopy
U.A. Gulieva, M.A. Gurbanov, H.M. Mahmudov