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Journal of Radiation Researches

IRP Journal of Radiation Researches, 2, 1, 2015, p.1-4

Efficient and tunable THz radiation based on selenide and sulfide crystals
R.M. Sardarly, O.A. Samedov, A.P. Abdullayev, M.M. Tagiyev, F.T. Salmanov, A.A. Orujova

Dielectric and electrical relaxation in TlInS2 crystals irradiated by γ-quanta
O.A. Samedov, O.Z. Alekperov, A.I. Nadjafov, S.F. Samedov, M.M. Guliyev, X.Z. Fatalizadeh, N.T. Mosumli, N.I. Huseynov

Effect of γ-radiation on the charge state of PTFE / CdS nanocomposites
A.M. Maharramov, M.A. Nuriyev, A.A. Shukurova, S.M. Nuriyev

Photosensitive epitaxial heterojunctions CdTe/ Cd1-xMnxTe
I.R.Nuriyev, M.A.Mehrabova, A.M.Nazarov, R.M.Sadigov, E.I.Mirzayev

Frequency dispersion of electroconductivity and dielectric characteristics of composites of polyethylene / TiO2
M.M. Guliyev, N.Sh. Aliyev, A.M. Maharramov, R.S. Ismayilova, M.N. Bayramov

Mathematical modelling of the process of water radiolysis under the influence of low-energy electrons
Y.D. Jafarov, R.T. Quliyeva

Definition refractive index of neutron waves in the crystals
S.G. Abdulvahabova

The investigation of giant resonances in nuclei by inelastic scattering of protons
M. M. Mirabutalybov

Derivatography study of adsorbed phase at radioly sis of phenol in water solutions in the presence of nano- γ AL2O3
M.A. Gurbanov, U.A. Guliyeva, E.T. Abdullayev, O.H. Mahmudov

Radiation resistance of tar fractions of bituminous oil
N.K . Guliyeva, N.A. Ibadov, S.F. Aliyeva-Chichek, S.M. Aliyev

Changes of acidity and chemical oxygen demand at the radiolysis of the water solutions of formic acid
Z.I. Iskenderova, U.A. Guliyeva, S.Q. Mamedov, M.A. Gurbanov

Gamma radiation influence on morphological features and biochemical properties of genetically distant wheat hybrids
N.R. Rzayev

Influence of environmental pollutants to the venom of Macrovipera lebetina obtusa
H.A. Abiyev, Sh.A. Topchiyeva, M. A. Mehrabova

ICP-MS determination of uranium and thorium in water samples taken along river Kura
M.M. Ahmadov, F.Y. Humbatov, V.S. Balayev, B.A. Suleymanov, K.S. Yusifova, Y.M.Aliyeva