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Journal of Radiation Researches

IRP Journal of Radiation Researches, 5, 2, 2018, pp.1-10


The problems sustainable remediation of the Chernobyl alienation areas
N. Rashydov, O. Nesterenko

Radiothermoluminescence of γ-irradiated composites based on ultrahigh molecular polyethylene and nano- α-SiO2
A.M. Maharramov, E.G. Hajiyeva

SECTION I Radiation study of materials (including liquid and gas medium)

А study of the characteristics of semiconductor-based detectors of alpha-radiation
A.S. Sokolov, D.D. Burdeyniy, A.O. Pudov, A.A. Zakharchenko, A.V. Rybka, V.E. Kutny

Anisotropy of electroconductivity of GaS 0,1at% monocrystal irradiated with gammaquanta
R.S. Madatov, T.B. Taghiyev, A.M. Allahverdiyev, A.Sh. Khaligzadeh

Effect of defects on electronic structure of Cd1-xMnxSe semimagnetic semiconductors
M.A. Mehrabova, N.H. Hasanov, N.I. Huseynov, A.I. Kazimova, F.G. Asadov

Effect of gamma irradiation on dielectric properties of Cd1-xFexTe semimagnetic semiconductors
M.A. Mehrabova, T.I. Kerimova, I.R. Nuriev, H.S. Orujov, A.A. Abdullayeva

Growth properties of Cd1-xFexSe epitaxial films and effect of gamma-irradiation on their optical properties
H.R. Nuriyev, M.A. Mehrabova, A.M. Nazarov, N.H. Hasanov, R.M. Sadigov E.I. Mirzoyev, N.V. Farajov, S.S. Farzaliyev

Study of the optical and electrical properties of a TlInS2 crystal after implantation of hydrogen and helium ions
M. Kulik, S.F. Samedov, O.A. Samedov, O.Z. Alekperov, D. Kolodynska, A. Oleinchak, N.M. Mehdiyev

The formation of a superstructure in TlIn1-xSnxS2 epitaxial films
E.Sh. Alekperov, A.M. Nazarov

Ag chalcogallates for uncooled and virtually inertialess x-ray-detecting devices
S.N. Mustafaeva, S.M. Asadov, D.T.Guseinov, V.F. Lukichev

Effect of γ-irradiation and heat treatment on the electrophysical properties of system alloys PrxSn1-xSe
Sh.S. Ismailov, J.I. Huseynov, A.O. Dashdemirov, N.M. Nasrullayev

Spectrophotometric analysis in films a-Si: H a-nk-C: H
B.A. Najafov

Thermodynamic behaviours of selenium ions onto barrier material for nuclear waste management
S. Erenturk, S. Haciyakupoglu

The effect of metal particles on current relaxation in zeolite powder
V.I. Orbukh, N.N. Lebedeva, Ch.G. Akhundov, N.Kh. Darvishov

The influence of γ-rays on electrical properties of TlGaS2 and TlGaSe2 monocrystals
A.A. Ismailov, E.M. Karimova, F.I. Seyidov, A.A. Ismailov

The influence of gamma rays on the crystal structure of single crystal Ge0.995 Sm 0.005 S
A.S. Alekperov, H.S. Seidli, A.E. Nabiyev, F.A. Axundova

The influence of gamma-radiation on electric, photoelectric, luminescence properties of gas monocrystal doped with rare earth element (Er)
T.B. Taghiyev

Study of processes under the influence of epithermal neutrons in nanosilicon by the fourier-irspectroscopy method
A.A. Garibli, S.Z. Melikova, M.A. Ramazanov, A.A. Garibov

Kinetics and mechanism of formation of gaseous products obtained by radiation-catalytic conversion of n-hexane on the surface of nano-ZrO2
H.M. Mahmudov, T.Y. Suleymanov, S.M. Aliyev, S.A. Huseynova, K.V. Azizova, B.M. Mammadova

Tritium in tightly bound form in soils of the Semipalatinsk test site
L.V. Timonova

Preparation and x-ray diffraction investigation of Cu1.80-xZnTe (x= 0.025, 0.050, 0.075, 0.1 at%) single crystals
G.B. Gasymov, R.M. Rzayev, H.M. Mamedov

Calculation of the percentage of electrons emitting from a nanoparticle to water in a nanoparticle/water system under the influence of ionizing radiation
Y.D. Jafarov, S.M. Bashirova, V.S. Mirzayev, K.T. Eyubov

Effect of acceptor impurities on electronic processes on the border of the solid solution Bi0.85Sb0.15 section with contact alloys
G.D. Abdinova, A.M. Mamedzade, T.I. Piriyeva, M.M. Tagiyev

Investigation the interaction of cesium ions with different barrier materials
S. Haciyakupoglu, S. Erenturk, B.F. Şenkal

Calculation of cross-section of incoherent elastic scattering of thermal neutrons
S.G. Abdulvahabova, N.Sh. Barkhalova, T.O. Bayramova

Effect of ionising radiation defect on electrical properties of the double-barrier structure based on silicon
F.P. Abasov

SECTION II Radiation safety, radioecology and ecologically pure energetics

Sorption of 60 elements on cation exchange resins in ammonium acetate solutions
N. Mirzayev, G. Marinov, A. Marinova, Kh.F. Mammadov, V.K. Karandashev, D.V. Filosofov

Study of atom dynamics of the (SS grade 321) +B4C+Al2O3 compounds under heavy ion irradiation
M.N. Mirzayev, B.A. Skuratov, E. Demir, N.V. Tiep, E.B. Asgerov, S.H. Jabarov, Kh.F. Mammadov, R.N. Mehdiyeva, A.B. Tuğrul, R.G. Garibov

Environmental and energy assessment of the use of different kinds of energy sources in Azerbaijan
O.M. Salamov, I.M. Yusupov

Comparative analysis of the methods of biomass and combustion of solid wastes utilization
O.M. Salamov, I.M. Yusupov

Kinetics of accumulation of hydrocarbons and oxidation products during radiolysis of a mixture of water-hexan
T.N. Agayev, Sh.Z. Musayeva, H.M. Mahmudov

New radiation shielding materials
V.A. Jafarov, A.A. Garibov, O.V. Askerov, N.R. Bektashi, A.F. Mammadova, G.D. Khanbabayeva, T.P. Hasanov

Organization of accident-rescue operations during radiation accident
R. Mammadli

The impact of additive contents on their functional properties and ecology
E.A. Nagieva, A.A. Gadirov, A.K. Kazimzadeh, R.A. Mammadova, S.I. Nasirova, Kh.N. Mammadyarova

Method for estimat ing the content of alpha- and beta-emitting radionuclides in radwaste
E.A. Kerimov, S.N. Musayeva, P.R. Zulfugarly

Gamma-rezonance spektroscopic (GRS) stady of iron ions binding by vegetable melanins
M.A. Ramazanov, R.M. Bagirov, O.Sh. Bagirova, Q.A. Turabova

Materials that protect againts radioactive rays flux
V.A. Jafarov, A.A. Garibov, O.V. Askerov, A.F. Mamedova, G.D. Khanbabaeva

Semiconductor tallium chalcoindianates and alloys on their basis with rare-earth elements
O.A. Samedov, M.M. Zarbaliev, N.N. Gadzhieva, N.S. Sardarova

The study of the radionuclide content of thermal water taken from the area of Goranboy region
A.J. Mikayılova

Synthesis and study of the radioprotektive properties of a complex of zinc with tryptophan
G.E. Gasimova, A.S. Aghayeva, A.S. Abdullayev, E.N. Shamilov, Sh.I. Qahramanova F.F. Jalaladdinov, R.H. Hamido., I.V. Azizov

Adsorption of uranium isotopes by activated sand and exchanger resin
Kh.F. Mammadov, H.N. Shiraliyeva, I.A. Huseynova, U.S. Aliyeva, A.M. Gulamirov, A.R. Alihuseynova

The modeling of environment pollution with radioactive and cancerogenic substances
R.A. Musayev

SECTION III Application of radiation technologies in medicine and to solve environmental problems

Pedestrian gamma-spectrometric survey - a method of operational radiat ion survey of territories
M.A. Umarov, V.V. Bozhko, V.V. Kashirsky

Comprehensive research at a supposed location of a radionuclide monitoring station in Kazakhstan
D.V. Turchenko, А.О. Aidarkhanov, О.N. Lyakhova, А.А. Kruglykhin

To the question of the development of a radiochemical method for the determination of americium-241 in environmental objects
A.V. Umarova, M.A. Umarov, V.V. Kashirsky, A.E. Zhienbekova

Determining regional background frequency of stable translocations in the population living in the terriotry adjacent to the Semipalatinsk test site
L.B. Kenzhina, А.N. Mamyrbayeva, А.О. Kenesarina

Determination of optimal conditions for radiochemical release of polonium-210 from environmental samples
A.V. Umarova, V.V. Kashirsky, M.A. Umarov, Yu.A. Shakenova

Cultivation of new perspective varieties of sea-buckthorn (hippophae rhamnoides l.) and its application in agriculture and medicine
N.R. Rzayev

Mosses as bioindicators in the biomonitoring of air pollution
Sh.A. Topchieva, S.Z. Salakhova, M.A. Mehrabova

Distribut ion of neutrons in the Earth atmosphere from plane radioactive source
H.Sh. Abdullaev, B.A. Najafov, H.E. Huseynzade

Structural phase transition of AgCuSe0.5Te0.5 compound at high temperature
Y.I. Aliyev, Y.G. Asadov, A.O. Dashdemirov, S.H. Jabarov

Investigation of the bioavailability of the crystal-bound form of tritium in the system "soil-plant"
E.N. Polivkina, L.V. Timonova, N.V. Larionova

Determination of radioactivity produced water samples
F.Y. Humbatov

Determination of organochlorine pesticides and radionuklides in soil and sediment samples taken from the Kura-Aras river systems
N.A. Ibadov, F.Y. Humbatov, M.A. Samedov, S.Sh. Mammadzade, N.Sh. Karimova

On the time evolution of a free noneralativistic quantum particle
Sh.M. Nagiyev, A.I. Ahmadov, Sh.A. Amirova

The study of adsorption of uranium isotopes by activated carbon and anthracite for water treatment
Kh.F. Mammadov, H.N. Shiraliyeva, M.N. Mirzayev, G.R. Allakhverdiyev, R.G. Garibov, B.F. Akhmedov, N.A. Mirzayev, A.M. Gulamirov

Solar radiation and generalized hydrodynamics model of the solar wind
M.M. Bashirov

Physicochemical properties of oil (petroleum) samples containing nanoparticles
R. Khalilov, I. Guliyev, F. Kadirov, A. Nasibova, K. Seyidova

Influence of waste dust from Ganja aluminum plant on the development of wheat seeds (triticum aestivum)
I.M. Aliyeva, L.M. Mammadova, F.B. Verdiyeva, A.N. Nasibova, R.I. Khalilov

Protector effect of Safora Japonica and Hypéricum Perforátum extracts to gamma radiated of aboriginal earthworms of Absheron peninsula
A.S. Suleymanova, A.A. Garibov, P.A. Samadov, A.S. Abdullayev, M.F. Farajov

Assessment of the risk of radon impact on population health of Azerbaijan
Ch.S. Aliev, F.F. Mahmudova

Radioprotective effect of extract pomegranate peel and leaves on the level of chromosomal aberrations in Allium Cepa L. seeds
S.A. Mamedli, G.Y. Ahmedzade

Influence of radiation on structure and quality of AI-95 gasoline
L.Y. Jabbarova

Impact of γ-rays on the thermoelectric driving force of TbxSn1-xSe monocrystals
T.A. Jafarov, A.A. Garibov, M.I. Murguzov, J.I. Huseynov, R.F. Mammadova

Radiation cross-linking of molecules of organic impurities of reservoirs on the surface of smallcat wooden chips, the prevention of evaporation of the spilled oil
Kh.F. Mammadov, M.N. Mirzayev, H.N. Shiraliyeva, A.A. Mammadova, U.S. Aliyeva

Radiation conditions for nanoscale conductive media
E.R. Hasanov, R.K. Mustafayeva

The regularities of transformer oil radiolysis in the presence of trichlorobenzene impurities
Z.I. Iskenderova, M.A. Gurbanov, S.M. Aliyev

The influence of filler and g-radiation on the structure-relaxation processes in YSPE+TIO2 composites
N.Sh. Aliyev, M.N. Bayramov, B.A. Mammadov, A.A. Nabiyev

Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of metallic zirconium and alloy Zr1%Nb with water at thermal impact in the field of temperatures T = 873 ÷ 1573K
T.N. Agayev, A.G. Aliyev

Regularities of the distribution of radioactive elements in natural alumosilicates
R.N. Mehdiyeva, Z.R. Aghayeva, J.A. Nagiyev, A.I. Yagubov

Spatial structure of exorphine a molecule
N.A. Akhmadov, R.M. Abbasli, L.I. Ismayilova, N.F. Akhmadov, L.N. Aghayeva

The evaluation of radiation condition
J.N. Gasimov

Electron spin resonance dating of fossil tooth enamel
S. Mammadov, M. Gurbanov, A. Ahadova, M. Bayramov, M. Ahmadov, Z. Dadashov

Extracling is oil of the Apsheron peninsula and the radioactive pollution
R.A. Musayev, K.J. Tartiloo

Uranium and thorium determination in water samples taken from rivers of Azerbaijan Republic
M.M. Ahmadov, F.Y. Humbatov, N.A. Ibadov

Determination of radionuclides and metals concentration in Caspian Sea sediments
M.M. Ahmadov, F.Y. Humbatov

Effect of gamma irradiation on mechanical and structure properties of elastomer blend filled with different types of carbon black
R.F. Khankishiyeva, Sh.M. Mammadov, A.Kh. Mammadov, H.N. Akhundzada, A.I. Azadaliyev


Effect of γ-radiation on optical properties of (TlGaSe2)1-x(TlInS2)x mixed crystal
F.T. Salmanov

Impact of γ-radiation on electrical properties of epitaxial films of Pb1-xMnxSe
R.S. Madatov, H.R. Nuriyev, M.A. Mammadov, R.M. Mamishova, S.H. Gasimov, Z.I. Asadova

Comparative study of the functioning of antioxidant enzymes in maize and pea plants, the seeds of which have undergone presowing gamma irradiation
J.R. Orujova, M.Z. Velijanova, E.S. Jafarov

Study of the sensitivity of silicon photomultipliers to gamma radiation
T. Azizova, F. Abdullaev, F. Ahmadov, G. Ahmadov, A. Sadigov, A. Huseynova

The effect of seed irradiation on the funct ioning of antioxidant enzymes in cucumis sativus and in its first generation
K.G. Karaeva, E.S. Jafarov, G.G. Babayev