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Journal of Radiation Researches

Journal of Radiation Researches,Vol 6,#1,2019,pp.1-4

Influence of γ-irradiation on supericonic conductivity of (TIGaSe2)1-x (TIInSe2)x solid solutions
F.T. Salmanov

Investigation the selenium-comprising chicory phytocomposites as radioprotector against acute and chronic irradiation
N.M. Rashydov, O.G. Nesterenko, V.V. Berezhna, V.I. Sakada, M.V. Kryvokhyzha, Ye.А. Raksha-Slusareva, А.А. Slusarev, Sh.M. Rashidova

Ionizing radiation effects on TLFeS2 crystal
R. Mehdiyeva

Microwave decomposition of soil samples for analysis of the heavy metals and radionuclides
M.M. Ahmadov, F.Y. Humbatov, V.S. Balayev, S.Sh. Mammadzada, N.A. Ibadov, N.Sh. Karimova

Spectral photoresistive field effect in ɣ-irradiated layered crystals GaS and GaS
R.S. Madatov, A.I. Nadzhafov, N.N. Gadzhieva, F.G. Asadov

Study of free proline in some agricultural plants which seeds are exposed to sterilizing γ-irradiation
G.A. Mammadova, N.M. Eminova, A.V. Agayeva, E.S. Jafarov

Study of radiation-chemical decomposition of transformer oil by the method of IR-spectroscopy
Z.I. Iskenderova

Synthesis and biological activity of manganese (II) complexes with leucine and tryptophan
Sh.I. Gahramanova, F.F. Jalaladdinov, R.A. Samadova, A.S. Abdullayev, G.E. Gasimova, A.S. Aghayeva, E.N. Shamilov, N.M. Rashydov

The changes of hydrocarbon generation under the influence of gamma radiation with bentonite
M.K. Ismayilova

The effect of hexachlorocyclopentadiene and chlorine-containing cyclic organic derivatives of dicarboxylic acid on the structure of the butadiene-nitrile rubber SKN-40 under the influence of heat and γ-irradiation
H.N. Akhundzadа

The study of biometric indicators of the bean plant in the condition of salt and radiation stress
N.R. Guliyeva, J.R. Orucova, H.G. Babayev

Thermal studies of the properties of samples Zr and alloy Zr1% Nb after corrosion in water vapors at different temperatures
T.N. Aghayev, A.G. Aliyev

Thermoluminescence parameters of quartz extracted from beach sand
S. Mammadov, M. Bayramov, A. Abishov, A. Ahadova