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Journal of Radiation Researches

Journal of Radiation Researches, vol.6, №2, pp. 1-4

Influence of CuO, Al2O3, Fe2O3 nanoparticles and γ – quanta on crude oil transformation: the role of concentration and structure effects
M.K. Ismayilova, F.N. Nurmammadova, S.M. Aliyev

Assessment of heavy metal and radionuclide contamination in water samples taken from Nakhchivan region of Azerbaijan
M.M. Ahmadov, F.Y. Humbatov, S.Sh. Mammadzada, V.S. Balayev, N.A. Ibadov

AFM-microscopy study of the surface of gamma-irradiated GaS and GaS:Yb layered crystals
F.G. Asadov

Dielectric and optical properties of gamma-irradiated composites based on nitrile butadiene rubber and zirconium oxide nanoparticles
R. F. Khankishiyeva

The combined structure of nitrile-butadiene rubber by influence of heat and ionizing radiation in the presence of triazine and maleimid compounds
H.N. Akhundzada, Sh.M. Mammadov, A.I. Azadaliyev, J.S. Mammadov, G.A. Mammadova, P.I. Ismayilova

Impedance spectrum of TlGaSe2 crystal implanted with He+ ions
S.F. Samadov

Crystallin structure and differential thermal analysis of CuTlS compound
R.S. Madatov, G.B. Baylarov, R.M. Mamishova, M.N. Mirzayev

Holographic calculation of the π meson-octet baryon coupling constant
Sh.A. Mamedov, Sh.I. Taghiyeva

The effect of γ-irradiation on the electrophysical properties of GaS monocrystal doped with Yb and Sm
A.Sh. Khaligzadeh

The influence of external fields on the luminescene characteristics of nanostructure CaGa2S4:Eu
R.A. Abdulheyov

Radiolysis of transformer oil in the presence of polychlorobiphenyls and nano-γ-Al2O3
Z.I. Iskenderova

Isothermal decay of the thermoluminescence (TL) glow curves in feldspar at an ambient temperature
S. Mammadov, M. Bayramov, A. Abishov, A. Ahadova

The impact of silicon mass on the radiolysis process occurring under the influence of γ-quanta on nano-Si/H2O suspension system
S.M. Bashirova

Influence of gamma radiation on electrophysical properties of nanocomposites obtained on the basis of high-density polyethylene and nano-size
A.A. Nabiyev

The influence of gamma irradiation on the volt-ampere characteristics of the TlGaTe2 crystal
N.M. Mehdiyev, A.A. Babayeva

Role of low-molecular antioxidates in the reaction of pea plant to the seperate and combined effects of salt and radiation stress
M.Z. Velijanova

Influence of the processing of seeds with gamma rays before sowing on the activity of CO2 metabolism enzymes in some plants
K.G. Garayeva

The occurrence of defects in hard alloys TbxSn1-xSe within the γ-irradiation
T.A. Jafarov