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An event dedicated to "November 8 - Victory Day" was held

An event dedicated to "November 8 - Victory Day" was held at the Institute of Radiation Problems (RPI) of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan organized by the Trade Union Organization of the Institute and the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists.

At the event, the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan was first played, and then the dear memory of the martyrs who died for the territorial integrity of our country was commemorated with a minute of silence.

Speaking at the event, the General Director of IRP, Corresponding Member of ANAS, Professor Islam Mustafayev spoke about the history of the Patriotic War, People-President solidarity, the victories of the glorious Azerbaijani army under the leadership of Commander-in-Chief, and brought a number of statistical data to the attention of the event participants.

Then I. Mustafayev, who touched on the scientific research conducted in Karabakh, gave information about radiological and chemical monitoring works and important results and said that such researches and applied works will be continued in the future.

Speaking later, the Executive Director of the Institute, Doctor of Philosophy in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor Ravan Mehdiyeva noted that "November 8 - Victory Day" is the day we reunited with Karabakh, which we have been longing for 28 years, and that this day is a day of glory and pride. R.Mehdiyeva said that today the people of Azerbaijan have clearly seen at what level they have a successful leader - the Supreme Commander. President Ilham Aliyev was not only a victorious commander on the military field, but also set an example of a great strategist on the diplomatic front, he became the voice of truth in the information war of Azerbaijan, bravely resisted all pressures, and became a symbol of struggle as a leader in unity with his people.

Major Riyad Pashayev, a participant of the Patriotic War, who was awarded with medals for the “Sake of the Homeland”, for the “liberation of Aghdam” and for the” liberation of Sugovushan”, and who reported the liberation of Aghdam from occupation to the Commander-in-Chief, noted that “November 8 - Victory Day” is written in golden letters in the history of Azerbaijan and is a glorious chronicle of our Armed Forces. Emphasizing the Azerbaijani Army, which skillfully used the most modern military equipment and technologies in the Patriotic War, wrote a new page in world military history, R. Pashayev said that our army, which achieved a great victory in 44 days, liberated our lands that were under the occupation of Armenian fascists for nearly 30 years. Our people united like an “iron fist” and constantly supported our President and our army, and the strength and power of Azerbaijan was declared to the whole world. Speaking at the event, the Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists and Experts of ANAS, Elmir Babayev, spoke about the role of young people who participated in the Patriotic War at the front and back, and highly appreciated the unwavering love and heroism of Azerbaijani youth.

Then the chairman of the Trade Union Organization of the Institute, doctor of philosophy in physics, associate professor Amina Mikayilova, gave information about the employees of IRP who participated in the I and II Karabakh Wars.

Speaking at the event, the chairman of the Council of Young Scientists and Experts of the Institute, Ali Mammadov, shared his thoughts on the Victory Day and said that the brave Azerbaijani army is our source of pride, our place of honor.

In the end, the employees of IRP who participated in I and II Karabakh Wars shared their impressions about the battles for the homeland.


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