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Institute of Radiation Problems adhered its working regime to the current situation

Oqtay Səmədov

Today, due to the coronavirus pandemic that worries the whole world, ANAS scientists, having joined the “Stay at home” campaign, continue their online research activities. According to the relevant decree of the President of ANAS academician Ramiz Mehdiyev, Institute of Radiation Problems also operates in accordance with the current situation.

Director of the Institute of Radiation Problems, corresponding member of ANAS Ogtay Samadov told about this in his interview. He spoke about the research that is being conducted in the scientific institution he leads.

Although the institute’s staff can’t carry out the experimental studies provided for in the plan for 2020, they are busy summarizing the results of the studies that have already been completed, conduct online discussions and prepare scientific articles for publication: “Currently, the Institute is conducting research on the study of the distribution of natural radioactive isotopes in the soil cover and water basins of various regions of the republic, as well as in production areas. In addition, radiation safety issues are being studied. Employees are working on research results that were conducted in the country's regions in early 2020 in accordance with the research plan. At the same time, recommendations on radiation safety are being developed,” scientist said.

Ogtay Samadov noted that employees participate in international seminars and conferences that are held online, widely use the opportunities created by the ANAS Central Scientific Library through the institution’s web page, as well as the resources and versions of pdf and e-pub publications that provide libraries of the world during the pandemic, and are working on their scientific papers.

Speaking about the preparations for the release of the next issue of the Journal of Radiation Researches, which is published by the Institute in English, the director emphasized that the articles submitted for publication were sent to experts for review, and the feedback received was discussed with the authors of the articles.

The scientist also added that distance learning was organized for first-year and second-year graduate students who study at the institute in the specialties “Radiation Materials Science” and “Chemistry of Natural Compounds and Physiologically Active Substances”.


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