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Scientific problems

1. Radiation Physics in solids
The kinetics and mechanism of the processes progressing in metals, semiconductors and solids of dielectric type in different media and under the effect of ionizing radiation have been studied. Some specific researches are carried out in order to reveal the laws of defect formation processes in the above-mentioned materials and the scientific bases of controling these processes.
Joint scientific-technical projects:
1. To increase the radiation resistance of nuclear reactors
2. To make a new type ionizing radiation detectors
3. To increase the radiation resistance of solar energy converters
4. Radiation modification of the singularities of polymer and composite materials

2. Theoretical Physics
The processes progressing in solids (oxide dielectrics and semiconductors – AIIIBVI) under the effcet of ionizing radiation have been theoretically simulated, ionization states, the laws of exciton generation, the kinetic parameters of these processes, energy yields of defects, cross-section of dissimilation, concentration of radiation defects and etc. have been calculated. The processes of migration, recombination and capture processes of charge carriers in solid substances have been theoretically modeled. The changes caused by different defects in the singularities of solids have been revealed from the theoretical aspect and compared with the experimental results. The selection of the physical parameters have been modeled in order to optimize the operation mode of new- type ionizing radiation detectors.

3. Nuclear Physics
Researches are carried out in the direction of identifying natural reactive decay products and their determination.
IRP is the only institution which conducts scientific and scientific-technical researches on Nuclear Security and Radiation Safety in the Republic.

4. Peaceful use of nuclear energy
The following studies are implemented on peaceful use of nuclear energy.
A) Hydrogen production, accumulation and utilization which is a universal energy carrier using ionizing radiation and thermal energy released during nuclear transformations;
B) Control the properties of different substances and production of the materials with a practical significance;
C) Convert nuclear energy into chemical energy by means of different chemical processes;
D) Sterilization of food and medicinal plants, medical facilities.

5. Plasma Physics and technology
The laws of defect formation have been revealed in the solids of an oxide type under plasma effect. The laws of plasmon energy absorption in the substances of an oxide type, conversion into the energy of charge carriers and excited states and transfer to a surface level have been detected. The scientific bases of plasma-catalytic processes have been specified and the plasma-catalyic methods of hydrogen-universal energy carrier production have been developed.

6. I.Radioecology, Radiation Safety
1. Monitoring on Radiation Safety in radionuclide-contaminated oil production areas, manufacturing enterprises in Absheron Peninsula and study radioecological situation.
2. Study migration and degradation processes in natural radionuclide-contaminated areas.
II. Atomic-hydrogen power engineering
Develop the radiochemical methods of hydrogen production in hydrocarbon-contaminated water basins.
III. Radiative syudy of materials
UV-detectors on the base of Schottky barrier in lamellar crystals.

7. Electron accelerator and its application
An electron accelerator with 4.5 MeV energy has been installed and put into operation in Institute. It is used in carrying out scientific researches on Radiation Physics, Radiation Chemistry and modification of substances.
The Institute is the only institution for its main areas of activity in the Republic and has large scientific-technical collaborations in the world. Scientific researches are conducted on the projects, grants and contracts executing in collaboration with IAEA, NATO, UNO, Council of Europe, USA, Turkey, Russia and other countries and international organizations. There is highly-qualified personnel and necessary technological potential in Institute to carry out the above-mentioned scientific and scientific-technical reseaches.