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International activity

The works are being continued within the framework of international programs with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Nuclear Safety Commission of US Energy Department, NATO, US Civilian Research and Development Fund (CRDF) with the purpose of world science integration of science-research works, carried out in the direction of peaceful use of nuclear energy, radiation safety, radioecology, radiation effects of solid substances and radiation material sciences in IRP of ANAS by 2012.
In 2012, the first project of IAEA and ANAS- International Nuclear Information Centre under IRP successfully continued its work.
US Energy Department scientifically heads works on the strengthening of physical protection of radioactive materials, sources and devices in IRP of Azerbaijan Republic within the framework of Nuclear Safety Department's "International Radiological Threat Reduction Program". In 2005, it was strengthened the physical protection of radioactive sources existing in our Republic and the works are being carried out on the strengthening of physical protection of radioactive source using organizations in Azerbaijan Republic by starting the construction of special warehouse in 2006 which is intended for storage of high effective radioactive materials. The works are being continued on the contract.
It is being implemented the "Development of Physical Environment Research Centre" project of US CRDF, the project term is 2002-2006. Funding of this contract was completed in 2006. It is carried out control over operating mode of bought devices during the following years.
Within the framework of Second Line Defence Program of US Energy Department's National Nuclear Security Administration, the works are being carried out on the installation of radiation revealing devices in state border crossing points of Azerbaijan Republic and according to 17/1745-95-22/11 and 29 November, 2007 dated instruction of Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic, the IRP of ANAS was appointed as an authorized institution in the field of implementing calibrating and repairing works of radiation revealing devices, as well as conducting trainings in the field of their usage. Within the framework of Second Line Defence Program, colleagues of "Examination Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Security" participated in appropriate trainings and regularly are carrying out works on usage of radiation revealing devices and their repair and calibration. At present these works are being successfully continued.
The Institute participated in grant contest conducted by "Scientific Development Fund", and became the winner of three project contest in 2011. Also, in 2012, the projects have being successfully implemented.
In 2012, two colleagues of the institute became the winner of young scientists and specialists' grant contest, held by "Scientific Development Fund".
One project of the institute was the winner of the contest of Science and Technology Centre in Ukraine in 2012.
An agreement was signed between "Radiation and plasma-heterogeneous processes" laboratory of IRP (chairman, Dr. in chemical sciences, prof. A.A.Garibov) and Hydrogen Energy and Plasma Technology Institute at "Kurchatov Institute" Centre of Russia.
An agreement was signed on scientific-technical partnership in the field of biophysical radiation, radioecology, radio and photo biology between IRP and Biology and Physics faculties' Biophysics department of MSU named after Lomonosov.
An agreement was signed on scientific-technical partnership between IRP of ANAS and soil material sciences of MSU.
Relations are established with Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology of Ukraine Republic on detectors and scientific basis of nuclear security.
Works are being carried out with Uzbekistan Institute of Nuclear Physics in the field of radiation physics and nuclear physics.
There was signed a partnership agreement with Institute of Applied Physical Problems of Belarus State University in the direction of "Impurity of AıııB layered monocrystals with ion radiation of light atoms".

IRP of ANAS has corporated with following organizations:
CIS Commission on Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy
Russia, Moscow State University
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
US Department of Energy, Sandia National Laboratories
US Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration
Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
Uzbekistan, Institute of Nuclear Physics
Austria, University of Salzburg
Kazakhstan, Institute of Nuclear Physics
European Commission-Joint Research Center, Institute of Transuranium Elements, Karlsruhe, Germany
Georgia, Institute of Physics
Ukraine, Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology
US Department of Energy, Battelle Memorial Institute
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)
National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Institute for Problems of National Resources Use and Ecology
Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEA), France
Russian Research Center I.V.Kurchatov Institute, Dubna, Obninsk
USA, Argonne National Laboratory