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Scientific Council

Information about the Scientific Council of the Institute of Radiation Problems of ANAS

    The Scientific Council of the Institute of Radiation Problems of Azerbaijan National Academy of Science is an organization that consists of the director of institute, its deputy on scientific work, scientific secretary and the leading scientists of the institute. The Scientific Council is headed by Director of the Institute. Meetings of the Scientific Council are convened at least once a month. The Scientific Council defines the priorities of scientific research through discussion, listens and evaluates the annual report of scientific research of laboratories, conducts discussion of articles prepared by the Institute based on various researches and authorizes their publication. At the institute, the problems of the creation, cancellation and reorganization of the laboratory are solved and the decisions of the Scientific Council on giving professor and associate professor scientific titles, the election and recall of heads of laboratories, awarding honorary titles are accepted by secret ballot. In order the Scientific Council to make decision, the participation of at least 2/3 part of the members is important in the meeting. The decision is considered to be accepted if 2/3 of the total numbers of participants in the Scientific Council vote in favor of the discussed problem.
    The composition of the Scientific Council was approved by the decision â„– 14/2 of the Presidium of ANAS, dated 23 September 2015 and consists of the following 19 members:

Oqtay Abil Samadov - Director of IRP, phys.-math., professor

Ravan Nadir Mehdiyeva - Deputy Director on scientific works, PhD in phys.-math.

Musa Abdulali Nuriyev - PhD in phys.-math.

Mahmud Abdulla Abdullayev - Head of laboratory, Correspondent member of ANAS, agriculture
Asker Ali Gulam Abiyev - Head of department, phys.-math., professor
Asim Sabri Abdullayev - Head of laboratory, chemistry
Teymur Nematulla Aghayev - Head of laboratory, chemistry. Associate Professor
Elimkhan Suleyman Jafarov - Head of laboratory, biology
Muslum Ahmad Gurbanov - Head of laboratory, chemistry, professor
Rahim Salim Madatov - Head of laboratory, phys.-math., professor
Arif Musa Maharramov - Head of laboratory, phys.-math., professor
Hokman Movajat Mahmudov - Head of laboratory, chemistry
Shiraz Majnun Mammadov - Head of laboratory, chemistry
Islam Israfil Mustafayev - Head of laboratory, Correspondent member of ANAS, chemistry, professor
Rauf Madat Sardarli - Head of laboratory, phys.-math., professor
Bahruz Allahverdi Suleymanov - Leading scientific researcher, PhD in phys.-math
Parviz Fikri Rzayev - Head of laboratory, tech, professor
Rovshan Ibrahimkhalil Khalilov - Leading scientific researcher, phys.-math., professor
Famin Tahir Salmanov - PhD in phys.-math.